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NaNoWriMo Soon!

Okay let's launch this blog page and new website with an announcment!

Next month (November 2019) I'm going to participate in the writing challenge called NaNoWriMo.

The goal of this challenge is to push yourself into writing a full (if possible) story/novel, or 50K words in number!

You can find more about this challenge here:

I've been wanting to participate for a long time, but never really found the courage...

So this year, this is it!

I finally have a story concept that I think I can bring far; it is called "Bloody Witches".

It is going to be an erotic/supernatural fiction about three witches practicing Dark Witchcraft.

Here is the cover:

Art and Title by me

So wish me luck! I'll try to post updates on social media, so keep your eyes peeled! ;)


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