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Daren Stringer (portrait + First Story)

What will follow is the beginning of my project for 2020: a series of short stories featuring three characters living in Westeros (Game of Throns).

This first story is the introduction of the main male character. It also plays as the first short story of the series.

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Daren Stringer, young man of 28 years of age, had been an advisor to Lord Perryn of the Riverlands for a few years now, and had known him for longer before that. The latter even considered him like a son, if he was so bold to say.

Daren would do anything for his lord, for he was saved by the merciful nobleman when he was but a young and stupid boy.

He was striding along the stone paved exterior corridors of the castle, quite hurriedly as he was expected. Indeed, he had been summoned by Lord Perryn and was now headed to meet him. Daren had an idea of the topic his master wanted to address, and the young man was not exactly eager to confront him…

Walking down a volley of stairs, Daren saw Lord Perryn standing on a balcony, looking downwards with a smile on his face. The young man exhaled deeply, before taking the last few steps that separated them.


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