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I Want to be a Writer

You might have seen that I created a page specifically for my books on Amazon.

Being an author has always been a big dream of mine since I was a kid, and I now see that I can perhaps pursue that dream!

I now have 2 books, 'Sapphic Desires' and 'Mrs Klaus' published independetly under my penname Sonya Starling on KDP, Amazon's self-publishing program; and I am starting to get really good results in terms of sales. I wasn't expecting much at first, because of the erotic nature of my stories, but they have found people to read them, which is really encouraging!

So yeah, there might be a time in the next couple of years when I change gears and re-orient my "career" from artist to author. It is scary to think about that, but also very exciting!

I have so many story ideas that have been in my head for years, some of them for decades, and all were set aside because I wasn't confident in my writing skills... And I want to beat these self-confidence issues and fears; and start writing more constitantly from now on.

Doing it full-time probably won't happen, but who knows! Maybe once I find my style and hone my skills, I will be able to attract more readers. One can dream right? ;)

Oh, and as I'm writing this blog post, the NaNoWriMo Camp of July 2022 has started, and I have decided to (try to) finish the spin-off of Sapphic Desires, 'Gallant Hours'. And I'm hoping to publish it on Kindle by the end of the year at the latest!

Wish me good luck!

If you are interested in reading my novellas, they are both available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and paperback in English AND French on Amazon!

And you can find my news on my author Instagram:

Thank you for reading this short update on my big life crisis! lol

I hope you have a fantastic summer!

Stay safe!

Yrya-chan / Sonya Starling

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